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                                                                                                                               🌶 - spicy
V - vegetarian




Borbia - crispy vegetable spring rolls (V)

Borbia Soad - spring rolls with prawns, or meat, and herbs, wrapped in fresh salad

Gung Sarong - king prawns wrapped in crispy pancakes and served with a sweet plum sauce 

Tod Man Gung - spicy prawn cakes

Tod Man Pla - spicy fish cakes

Tod Man Pak - spicy vegetable cakes (V)

Ma Hor - caramelised minced pork on fresh pineapple slices

Miang Kam – a traditional snack: little do-it-yourself parcels of spring green leaves containing chillies, lime, nuts and a sweet sticky sauce (🌶)

Kanom Jeep - marinated minced pork with herbs, wrapped in wonton pastry

Satay - marinated and grilled meat, or poultry, with herbs and served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Moo Yang - grilled pork on sticks, served with a spicy and sour sauce

Larb Tord – Thai-style spicy meat balls with glutinous rice (🌶)

Keoy Teaw Lui Seun - wrapped mince with vegetables and a spicy dipping sauce (served cold)

Gyo Tord - crispy wonton, stuffed with marinated meat and prawn

Gyoza (Japanese) - meat and vegetable dumplings

Dakgangjeong (Korean) - crispy chicken wings coated with sweet sauce and spicy sauce

Chả Giò - Vietnamese spring rolls 

Gỏi Cuốn - Vietnamese fresh spring rolls made with prawns and fresh herbs

Sushi - various Japanese rice rolls


Tom Yum - a piquant clear soup with king prawns, lemon grass, coriander and chillies (🌶)

Tom Kha - a light, lemony, mild soup with coconut milk, chicken, galangal and lemon
Gang Jeud - clear soup with vegetables and pork mince


Yam Neur - spicy grilled beef salad served with fresh salad leaves and cucumber (🌶)

Yam Woon Sen - spicy glass noodles salad with prawns (🌶)

Som Tam - spicy papaya salad (🌶) (V)

Larb Moo - spicy and sour minced pork, served with fresh salad leaves and cucumber (🌶)




Thai Green Curry – a central Thai variety of curry with green chillies, coconut milk, meat, chicken, seafood or tofu (🌶)

Thai Red Curry – a popular dish with red chillies, coconut milk, meat, chicken, seafood or tofu (🌶)

Thai Yellow Curry – a mild curry with coconut milk, meat, chicken, seafood or tofu, served with cucumber relish (🌶)

Massaman Curry – a rich, mild curry with coconut milk, meat, chicken, seafood or tofu (🌶)

Panang Curry - a delicious southern Thai dish of spicy beef, pork or chicken with ground peanuts (🌶)

Gang Phed Ped Yang – a light curry made with red chilli paste, roasted duck, pineapple and coconut milk (🌶)

Deep-fried dishes

Ped Tord Grob - crispy fried duck served with tamarind sauce and crispy kale 

Chu Chee Pla Tord - crispy sea bass fillets, topped with curry sauce

Pla Tord Sam Ros – crispy sea bass fillets, topped with tamarind sauce and crispy kaffir lime leaves

Steamed dishes

Hor Moak - fillet of fish marinated in a red curry paste and steamed in banana leaves

Gung Nung Ma Noaw - steamed king prawns in a spicy chilli, garlic and lime sauce

Pla Nung See-Ew - steamed fish with soy sauce, ginger and mushroom

Stir fried dishes

Gai Pad Prig Khing - chicken cooked with curry paste, green beans and red peppers (🌶)

Pad Khing - meat, chicken or prawn stir-fried with ginger, spring onions and mushrooms 

Pad Grapow - meat, chicken or prawn fried with basil, garlic and chillies (🌶)

Pad Pak Namman Hoi – a selection of fresh green vegetables in oyster sauce 


Pad Thai - soft ribbon noodles stir-fried with prawns or tofu and ground peanuts 

Pad Sea-ew - large noodles stir-fried with green vegetables in dark soy sauce

Pad Khee Mao - large noodles stir-fried with chillies and garlic (🌶)

Jap Chae – Korean-style sweet potato noodles served with beef

Chow Man – stir-fried egg noodles with beansprouts (V)


Steamed jasmine rice

Coconut rice

Egg-fried rice



Coconut panna cotta served with mango and lime sauce

Coconut ice cream with mango crumble

Sweet glutinous rice with mango and coconut sauce

Sweet glutinous rice with fresh ripe mango in sticky mango sauce.
Chicken satay

Chicken satay

Vietnamese summer rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls



Fresh tangerine serve with salty and sweet peanuts filling.



Fresh herbs wrapped in batel leaves. Served with sweet and salty coconut sauce.



Korean crunchy and spicy chicken.

Roasted duck red curry

Roasted duck red curry

served with coconut rice.



Spicy fish cake.

Mango and glutenious rice with mango sau

Mango and glutenious rice with mango sau

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