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There are more hidden treasures for you yet to discover in Thai cuisine! I have chosen dishes from places around the country for you. These are three dishes that you might find in your local Thai restaurant.


  •  Yellow Curry with Chicken

  •  Tom Yum Goong (spicy hot and sour prawns soup)

  •  Gai Pad Med-mamaung (stir fried chicken with cashew nuts)


Note: Some of the dishes may contain nuts so please inform me if you have any allergies. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let me know before you book your class.

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How My Classes Work


The class will start with an introduction to the ingredients. I will advise you where to buy all the ingredients - most of which are available in your local supermarket. I will also give you some tips on how to store leftover ingredients so that you are able to use them again. I will then show you how to prepare each dish before inviting you to cook it yourself with my assistance throughout. I will talk you through how to balance the spices and the flavours to suit your own taste.

At the end of each class, you will be able to sit down with a glass of wine to enjoy the food that you have prepared.


Before, you leave the class, you will be given recipe cards for the dishes that you cooked that day to use as a guide for your next practice!

There is no need to be an expert in cooking: as long as you are willing to learn, you can cook! Practice makes perfect! 

Note: The price includes ingredients, tuition, recipe cards, and the drink that accompanies your meal.

Redeeming gift vouchers

To redeem gift vouchers for a cooking class, select your class, date and time, and email me at or call me on 07377 797599.

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend the class that you have booked, simply let Belle know at least 14 days in advance to change your date. If the notice period is less than 14 days, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of your payment.


If the cancellation is less than 7 days before the class, you will not be able to make changes or receive your money back, so please contact her as soon as you are able to. 


Email Belle at or call her on 

0737 7797 599.

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