Thai Cooking Classes


I have been teaching Thai cooking classes (private classes, group classes, corporate classes and cooking demonstrations) for more than a decade, drawing on a lifetime’s experience and the passed-down knowledge of my mother, a wonderful chef.


My mother taught me a vital skill: how to balance the amazing flavours of Thai cuisine successfully. When you book a class with me, I will pass this knowledge onto you so that when you cook my recipes for yourself, you will know how to make each recipe your own. Thai food is not always spicy and the recipes which are spicy need to be adjusted to the tastes of the eater - just as my mother would do for my family. In case you were wondering, I am like many of you out there: I like a good kick of chilli, but I don’t want to have so much that I turn red or start to sob!

My Thai cooking classes are about being hands-on as you prepare fresh, delicious Thai food with balanced flavours. I will guide you at every step whether you are a beginner or an advanced cook. On a practical note, I will also advise you on both finding authentic ingredients and using substitute ingredients from your local supermarket.

How My Classes Work

The class will start with an introduction to the ingredients. I will advise you where to buy all the ingredients - most of which are available in your local supermarket. I will also give you some tips on how to store leftover ingredients so that you are able to use them again. I will then show you how to prepare each dish before inviting you to cook it yourself with my assistance throughout. I will talk you through how to balance the spices and the flavours to suit your own taste.

At the end of each class, you will be able to sit down with a glass of wine to enjoy the food that you have prepared.

Book now

Please note that some classes may be taking placed in a different venue around Tenterden or near by area. You will be informed if any changes of the venue a week before the class begin.

If you would like to find out more about my evening classes, please email me (

or call me on 07377 797599.

Gift Vouchers - a lovely gift for friends and family - are also available.

My Clients Say ...

"Wow! What can I say? What a great class I had with Belle. She taught me how to produce some lovely dishes. Belle's a lovely person and very easy to learn bits off I just wish the course was longer so I could learn loads more. Thanks Belle. All the best x" Claire

"Belle has now taught me a couple of times to cook Thai recipes and her wonderful calm manner and thorough explanations make it a pleasure to make these dishes without her. The dishes are amazing to taste and easy to follow and making food from scratch is so important to me as I don't like to buy pre-made anything! Big thanks to you Belle from not only me but several of my friends who always want me to make your dishes!" Dawn

"I have recently had the pleasure of having Belle teach me how to cook several Thai dishes and can honestly say that they were all tasty and impressive to look at. Belle is excellent in making cooking fun as well as easy in a calm and enthusiastic manner. Consequently she has inspired me to make more time to cook again. My family and friends are very happy when I cook Thai food now and compliment the meals she has taught me. Thank you Belle." Nickie

"Belle is great and her cooking course was amazing. It was very well organised and we were really impressed with her knowledge on Thai cuisine. Dishes were tasty and we had great fun. Would recommend!!! 👍 👍" Melisa